Leadership Lessons

We designed a full curriculum that is a combination of life skills and classic leadership tools.

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All members get one on one mentorship. This looks different for everyone, but may include driving lessons, help opening a bank account, or help writing an appeal letter for college.

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Trips and Events

We host trips and events on a monthly basis. We’ve gone to DC, Harlem, the United Nations, and other places to learn more about our world.

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Leadership Matters


To train and empower a new generation to address the most urgent issues facing their urban communities.

YUL is a membership based organization. There are responsibilities and services for our members.

Responsibilities complete required trainings, attend quarterly meetings, be a good citizen by voting and attending public meetings, participate in community service projects and YUL service campaigns, and following the other rules in the handbook

Services  being in the social network of local social entrepreneurs that includes vast opportunities for success, free programs, trips, résumé review, and job referrals

Our Values

  • Be enthusiastic. Be idealistic. Be ready to serve and prepared to lead.
  • Have a family atmosphere creating lifelong bonds among our members.
  • Always act professionally and respectfully when representing the organization.
  • Support small and local businesses whenever possible.
  • If you can help someone – do it.
  • Use the most recent and most effective research based strategies.

Our Trainings all members are required to attend classes that cover the following topics

  • Project management
  • Organizational leadership
  • Communication
  • Social responsibility
  • Worldview


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